Cheval Golf and Athletic Club

Winter Pool Policy

Cheval Athletic Club Winter Pool Policy

In an effort to keep the desired pool temperature between 82 and 84 degrees throughout the winter months, please be aware of our Winter Pool Policy.  

If the forecasted temperature for the day is above 80 degrees, all covers will be removed for the day and replaced after the finish of the last scheduled class, normally between 6:30-7:30pm.  Please use to determine temperature, zip code 33558.  

If the forecasted temperature is between 65-79 degrees, please call ahead if you would like to swim laps.  It’s necessary for us to keep the pool covered as much as possible in order to retain heat.  You are welcome to swim, but please allow us 30 minutes to remove the covers.  The call ahead number is 813.279.5122

The pool will be closed anytime the forecasted temperature is below 65 degrees.  However, swim team and Masters Swim classes will still be offered unless the temperature outside dips below 45 degrees.  Anytime the current temperature is below 45 degrees all activities for the pool will be closed.

The above policy will help keep the pool temperature steady so our programs can continue to thrive.  For your safety, members of the AC should never attempt to move or remove the covers.  

Thank you,

Cheval AC