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Beginner - never really had a workout programI would like to get an exercise plan specific for SeniorsSimply need someone to show me how to use the equipmentI have some nutrition questionsI travel a lot and would like a workout plan for the roadNeed a structured plan to incorporate cardio, strength and flexibilityI enjoy group fitness, but not sure what to take and how to incorporate it allNeed help learning how to properly strength trainStarting to lose my balance and flexibilityInjury prone - issues with knees, hips, back, etcI would like a pregnancy specific exercise plan

Run a 5k, 10k, marathon, etcComplete a triathlon of any distanceSwim in a Masters Swim MeetBike 100 milesStrength goal, ie: 10 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, hold a plank for 1+ minutes, etc.Compete in a figure competitionCompete in an adventure raceDecrease blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety; diabetes management, etc.Walk up two flights of stairs without being winded nor hanging on to the railingBe comfortable going to a group fitness classLose weight and improve general health & conditioning overallOther (please explain below

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