Golf Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

Tim Baker, PGA, Head Golf Professional
Tim is a positive and motivating golf instructor with a proven teaching method that is tailored to each individual student, their ability, their learning style and their skill level. He relates the golf swing to many different sports, as well as, general day to day activities. Tim is a strong believer in the fundamentals of posture, grip and alignment and that the golf swing is nothing more than a reaction.

Aaron Fusiek, PGA Apprentice
As an instructor, Aaron believes in building a solid repeatable golf swing by mastering a fundamental grip, properly aligned stance, and balanced swing. By mastering the fundamentals from the ground up we can simplify the golf swing to increase consistency, lower scores, and have more fun playing the game we love.

Michael Woods, PGA Apprentice
Michael believes success is reached through trust and dedication. He understands that every individual’s swing is unique and will work to mold their swing so it’s repeatable consistently on the correct path. He is a good communicator and is easy to understand. In addition, he’s genuinely interested in tracking the improvement of his students.


Single Lesson with Tim Baker
Member: $60 per lesson / $50 for 3 or more
Non-Member: $70 per lesson / $60 for 3 or more

Lessons with PGA Apprentices
5 lesson package
Member: $200 (a $40 savings!)
Non-Member: $250

Junior Lessons – 30 minute session, 17 and younger
Member: $30
Non-Member: $35

Clinics, Group Lessons & Summer Camp

Please email for more information on lessons, clinics, and summer camps.

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