Golf Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

The mission of golf instruction at The Club at Cheval is to provide students of all levels and ages with an exceptional learning experience aimed at lowering your scores, improving your ball flight, and gaining a firm understanding of how to enjoy the game of golf to your fullest potential.

Our delivery of instruction guides the student through the “process” of making swing changes, taking the pressure off of them, resulting in realistic means of improvement.

We do not teach a system or method… because each golfer is different. Since no two people/golfers are the same, how could we then teach everyone the same way?  What we do believe is that there are many ways to swing a golf club.

Our focus on teaching new golfers and juniors to play this great game, helping current golfers improve their ball striking, and our relaxing social learning environment in our Ladies clinics makes Cheval the perfect place to improve your golf game!

Tim Baker, PGA, Director of Golf
Tim is a positive and motivating golf instructor with a proven teaching method that is tailored to each individual student, their ability, their learning style and their skill level. He relates the golf swing to many different sports, as well as, general day to day activities. Tim is a strong believer in the fundamentals of posture, grip and alignment and that the golf swing is nothing more than a reaction.

Aaron Fusiek, PGADirector of Player Development
Aaron is a proud member of the PGA of America and is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.   He has been helping players to learn the game of golf, lower scores, improve ball striking for 7 years. He takes a holistic approach to learning and does not focus on any one swing method. He believes that each player will swing the club in his or her own unique way based on what their body can and can’t do. By focusing on solid fundamentals and swinging with good balance, tempo and timing they will build a simple easy to replicate golf swing that the player will be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives!

Nellie Canham, LPGA, Golf Professional
Nellie began her love affair with golf in 2004 working as a starter at Green Valley CC in Clermont, FL. After winning the Open Championship at Green Valley CC in 2006, she knew that she wanted to become a golf professional so she enrolled in the LPGA Certification Program. In 2012, she completed the Certification Program and became an LPGA Professional. Throughout her career, she has taught the love of the game to young, first-time golfers, all the way up to those playing on the amateur tour.


Lessons with Class A PGA/ LPGA Professionals
Member: $60 per 45 min lesson/ $50 when booking three or more

Non-Member: $70 per 45 min lesson/ $60 when booking three or more 

Junior Lessons – 30-minute session, 17 and younger
Member: $25
Non-Member: $35

Individual Get Golf Ready Package

$200— Five 45-minute lessons that cover all aspects of golf including how to find what you need to play, all three main types of golf shots (putting, chipping, and the full swing)

*for beginner golfers only

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